Thursday, 11 April 2013

David the Shepherd boy - Kids church activities

This week's lesson from the Gracelink curriculum (Kindergarten, Second Quarter / B, Lesson 1) is entitled "Just a Shepherd Boy?" about David and how he was chosen by Samuel to be the next king of Israel.

In our Kinder pack that we ordered there's a sheep activity which I decided to alter and make into a 'fishing' game. But since sheep graze rather than swim, I've decided that they'll be fished up from the grass.

This activity would be great for any 'David' related lessons and you could easily make your own sheep with your own memory verse / key thought.. - just paste some sheep images into Word and write the verse words below it, then cut out.

This is my set up for the activity:

- grass: green crepe paper cut into thin strips
- fishing rod I took from a magnet puzzle game I had at home. Alternatively you could glue a small magnet to the end of a pencil and call it shepherd's rod :)
- paper clips and sheep with verse words

To play the game just pop the paper clips on the sheep

then place the sheep among the crepe grass.

To play the game the children take turns 'fishing' for the sheep, then work together to arrange the sheep in order to reveal the verse. I think the sheep would make nice room decoration. To do this ask the children to colour in the sheep and then paste them on a green grass background.

A great follow up craft activity is this paper plate sheep. The one below is one that my son made at camp, so I'm not sure who came up with the original idea, but I think it's great! We're going to make some more of these with the Sabbath School kids this Sabbath. The wooded pegs that we used already had the words written on them, but they could easily be written with a pen or marker. Other supplies used were: paper plates (medium size is fine), cotton balls, glue, face cut out from black cardboard, white circle stickers for eyes with black pupils drawn with a marker (we're going to use googly eyes).

If you find any of these ideas helpful, I'd love to hear from you!

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